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Det lille forlaget med de store forfatterne

Marina Stepnova

Marina Stepnova, født 1971, tilhører den nye generasjonen av kvinnelige forfattere som i de siste årene både har beriket og vitalisert den russiske fortellerkunsten. Hun har skrevet fem bøker hvorav Lasarus kvinner regnes som hennes fremste. Boken, som er oversatt till 25 språk, ble hedret med landets fremste litteraturpris og nominert til en rekke andre.

«Lasarus’ kvinner er en storslagen, stor og strålende roman.»
Peter Normann Waage

«Women of Lazarus is definitely one of the best novels in twenty years. This is a sample family novel (psychologically true and with visual characters) that reflects the history of the epoch, just like Anna Karenina did it its time. Stepnova is a great writer, a wonderful master of style, and a wise person. I personally like that Stepnova does not attempt to settle scores with the Soviet legacy that is quite characteristic of modern literature. With composure and balance, she conjures the fiction world that is strikingly similar to reality.»
Moskovsky Komsovolets

«Lazarus’ Women is the name of the book that has all the makings of being this summer’s Great Novel. We’re talking great tragedy, violently burning love and deep psychological portraits; just like in the classical Russian novels. I cannot but admire Stepnova as an author.”
Nerikes Allehanda

«Stepnova smoothly weaves an intricate web of threads without end, with a poetic language brought to life by unexpected similes and dynamic imagery.»
Norrköpings Tidningar

«Women of Lazarus is a thoroughbred example of Russian literature, many characters meet with happiness, which they often don´t even recognize, and also with sadness, which is endlessly hopeless like a burned down forest, which takes years to recuperate. Stepnova has a lush language and although the book is shorter than four bindings of War and Peace by Tolstoi, it captures the story of three generations. For the detailed and poetically charged text I would be willing to award the author Nobel prize in literature without any hesitation.»
Eesti Ekspress

Lasarus’ kvinner, Agora bibliotek 2015

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